Saturday, July 3, 2010

Model kits on the tube: Leave it to Beaver

Yup, I'm a huge Leave it to Beaver fan. I've always liked the show, and was thrilled to finally get the whole series on DVD thanks to the folks at Shout Factory. And since I'm also a model kit geek, when this shot came on screen (at some point in season three), I immediately noticed the Revell model kit (a sailing ship -- though which one, I have no idea) on the shelf behind the Beav.

Somewhere in my collection I have a children's magazine (Jack and Jill, maybe?) with an article about Jerry Mathers being an avid model kit builder. If I happen to stumble across it, I'll scan and post it here.

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Jeff Garrity, Rare-Plane Detective said...

Hi Terry!

I think its a Revell Pre-S Constitution kit, although it doesn't seem to have enough masts. I don't see the "S" ad on the box side.

I swear I remember an episode of "Beaver" where the Revell XSLO-1 space ship kit was prominently featured. The drama was someone playing with it when they shouldn't and breaking it.

Or was I hallucinating?

Jeff Garrity
Rare-Plane Detective