Monday, June 23, 2008

June Dr. Sketchy's drawings

Here are some of my drawings from this month's Dr. Sketchy's event.  Models this time were Gina Louise and Sweet Pea.  I warmed up by sketching the other folks in the 331 Club.

Below are some 60 second gestures of Gina Louise

A five minute sketch

A 20 minute sketch of Sweet Pea.  This one had some contest content that I've edited out here in an attempt to save myself from eternal damnation....  

20 minute sketch of Sweet Pea

20 minute sketches of both models

MSRA "Back to the '50s" car show

They say it's the 2nd largest show of its kind in the world -- and I believe it.  On Saturday I attended this amazing event, held annually at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds in St. Paul.  I took over two hundred pictures -- and that doesn't even come close to capturing the thousands of cars that were there.  I've loaded a hundred or so pics onto my flicker account -- and will be adding more eventually -- as I've exceeded my limit for the month!  I'll post a few images on this blog -- but for the whole magilla, click HERE. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's "captcha" time....

Sorry to announce that from now on anyone wanting to leave a comment on my blog will have to do the annoying word verification thing -- otherwise, it seems like my comments would all be from the lovely folks at the (most likely bogus) Philippine Lottery.  I deleted six today....

MCAD comic art students

I've just finished a two year teaching stint as "visiting artist" in the comic art program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD).  I spent several semesters teaching as an adjunct faculty member before that.  Along the way I've posted a little student art on this blog -- but not as much as I'd have liked.  Now that my time at MCAD is done (well, for the time being -- I've left it open to possibly return as adjunct at some point), I wanted to be sure to post at least a few examples by some of the remarkably talented young artists who've been part of my MCAD experience. 

Here's a rare pic of one of my classes -- the "Comic Three" crew from the Spring '08 semester.  That's Seamus Burke, Maddie Queripel, Jessica Boire, Ed Moorman, Josh Eddings (who has interned for me -- assisting on inking "The Batman Strikes"), Vanessa Parker, Roxy Polk and David Lundin.

Following are some sample pages and panels by some of my students.  Some of these were done for classes other than mine -- but all these students spent some time in my classroom.

Sean Lynch

Roxy Polk

Steve Robbins

Peter Wartman 

Maddie Queripel

Mat Ollig -- he did good comics for me -- but really shines as a painter.

A Peter Wartman illustration

Reynold Kissling

Hannah Blumenreich

An illustration by Joel Vollmer

JP Pollard

Kazimir Iskander

Andres Guzman

Bart King

Two samples by Evan Palmer

Francesca Buchko

If I can find a few more examples, I'll post some more eventually.  I think you'll be seeing much more from these artists in the future. They all impressed me with their talent and dedication and I'm thrilled to have had the chance to work with them.

So long, Casey 1990(?)-2008

After three years of diabetes, and recently diagnosed with kidney disease, my old pal Casey used up the last of his nine lives as of Thursday last week.  His original name was K.C. -- which stood for "Kitty Cat" -- but that quickly became "Casey." I'm not certain exactly how old he was -- he was an abandoned cat when I got him -- and my best guess is he was two years old.  He was with me for sixteen years -- and it seems odd for him to no longer be my constant shadow.  So long, pal -- you'll be missed.

Black Mass Car Show

Here are a few pics I snapped at the recent Black Mass Car Show in New Brighton -- before it was too quickly rained out.  Hail and vintage cars don't mix....