Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Return of Dr. Sketchy's!

So I've been a little busy. I'm currently juggling three comics projects (it had been four!), and that's left little time to add anything to this blog. My apologies for going so long between posts. I'll do my best not to let that happen again. I appreciate all of you who stop here to see my art and the other "cool stuff" that I post, so I don't want to leave you with nothing new for such a long time.

Today I took a break from work and attended the local Dr. Sketchy's session. I hadn't gone for months, so it was a real treat to be an "art monkey" once again! I wasn't the only pro in the crowd -- Steve Fastner was there, too. I didn't get to see any of his sketches -- but I'd bet they were sweet! For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Fastner and Larson, check out their website HERE.

Our model today was the lovely Ophelia Flame -- she gave us some great poses and was a joy to draw. Below are some of my drawings from the session.

First up are a series of four two minute figures. That's just enough time to get a quick, rough pose down on paper -- no details, just the basic structure. We did several five minute poses -- but I didn't care for the results, so I'm passing on posting those here.

Fifteen minutes gives me enough time to get a near finished drawing done -- though it's a race to the finish, and I feel the pressure to "get it right" as the clock ticks. I especially like the legs in this one.
For this pose, we got thirty minutes total -- with a very short break at fifteen. At the break, I had a black and white drawing mostly done -- so I spent the next fifteen adding color. I'd have liked a little more time to refine this -- but am fairly pleased with it. It did win me a bag of art supplies from Sketchy's sponsor Dick Blick -- so I guess I did something right.

And for those concerned about such things -- she is wearing "pasties" -- so all "naughty bits" are covered -- OK?
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