Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More commissions!

Though my schedule is crammed full of comic book work, I managed to sneak a few more commissions in this week.  My recent Orion Vs. Darkseid piece must have caught the eye of the client who requested I draw a Jack Kirby-style Orion.  I tried to push the Kirby look a little more this time -- using more of his patented "squiggles."  I wasn't completely happy with the pose in my initial pencil sketch, thinking it a little stiff -- so when I transfered it to bristol, I reworked the legs.

I think this gives the figure a stronger line of motion, and makes for a better drawing -- judge for yourself -- the inked version is shown below, followed by the full color finished piece.

I'd drawn Golden Age comic book hero Doctor Mid-Nite for a previous client -- but this this time I was asked to add a new element.  Doc now has a sidekick based on the original (pre-Barbara Gordon) Bat Girl - dropping the (few) Bat-elements of her costume.  From initial sketch to finished piece, I moved Mid-Nite Girl (?) over a bit, so the figures weren't touching.  I'm quite pleased with Doc's jaunty running pose!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Darkseid Vs. Orion

I haven't done many commissions lately -- being busy drawing the Return to Perdition graphic novel and inking a special project -- but I couldn't resist this request to draw a Kirby-esque confrontation between Darkseid and Orion.  In this moment, it seems the older generation has the upper hand -- but obviously, there's more to the story....

For those who like to see the process, I've included scans of the (not quite finished) pencils and the inks as well as the final color piece.  The pencils were drawn at a smaller size and then enlarged in Photoshop, then transferred to a larger board for inks and color.