Sunday, June 29, 2014

A month's worth of REX MORGAN! Plus extras!

I've been mighty busy drawing these strips -- so much so that I didn't get them posted here regularly for some time -- so here's a huge bunch of REX MORGAN strips for you to peruse. There are a few "blue pencil" prelims posted at the bottom of the page.

Here are some of my preliminary "pencils" for the strip. It's all done digitally in Manga Studio -- so no actual pencils were ever involved….

Five PHANTOMs! Process pics!

Here I am again, terribly behind on posting my strips -- so here's a month's worth of PHANTOM Sundays. My old GOTHAM ADVENTURES pal, Rick Burchett helped out with pencils on all but the first of these. For those who like to see the behind the scenes process, scroll down to the bottom to see some of my rough layouts and Rick's pencils.

My rough for one of the strips follows.

And here are Rick's pencils. 

And the final inks.

And another pencil prelim from Rick -- in blue this time.

If you like seeing these extras, please let me know.