Monday, June 17, 2013

The Batman Strikes original art

Still looking to raise a few additional bucks to help cover the cost of some unexpected car repairs. So am going to have some sales on my original comic art. I listed some MARS ATTACKS POPEYE pages a while ago -- now here are some pages from THE BATMAN STRIKES. All are penciled by Christopher Jones and inked by me. Typically priced at $75.00 or so -- here's the sale deal -- any two pages for $100.00, and I'll cover shipping (in the US or Canada). Contact me at to reserve or ask questions. First come, first served, as always. Reflection is from the plastic sleeves of the portfolio -- sorry 'bout that....

I'm extending the Mars/Popeye art sale for another week -- and will be doing a Phantom art sale SOON (maybe even later today).

This sale ends one week from today.

The Batman Strikes #41 page 19 (Harley, Ivy, Batman, Robin) and #18 page 2 (Batgirl - title splash) 

The Batman Strikes # 13 page 14 (Batman close-up) and page 17 (Batman, Catwoman) PAGE 17 SOLD

The Batman Strikes #13 page 19 (Batman, Catwoman and morphing Clayface). #37 page 17 Solomon Grundy, Killer Croc, Batman)

The Batman Strikes #37 page 14 (Batman, Solomon Grundy, Killer Croc). #32 page 4 Bane, Joker, Robin, etc.)

The Batman Strikes #47 page 19 (Black Mask, Batman) and #2 page 2 (Batman, Montoya) #2 PAGE 2 SOLD

More Mandrake/Phantom

The costume cruise continues.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013


NOTE: Sale extended until June 21! Remember, take $40.00 off the listed prices! Take $60.00 off per page if you buy more than one!

Well folks, we're having an interesting time here -- and by interesting, I mean a whole lot of unexpected expenses have popped up (much-needed car repairs, etc.) -- and the bank account is a bit shy of what we need.  So -- time for some art sales! 

Offered here are what I have left of the original hand-inked pages from the remarkably well-received MARS ATTACKS POPEYE comic book, published by IDW. These were inked in pen on 11x17 bristol board over blue-line print outs of my digital pencils. Lettering is (mostly) digital and printed on the board -- a font of my creation based on vintage Popeye strip lettering.

As you can see, I have 9 of the 22 pages available here. I kept a few pages, and writer Martin Powell was given the "Wha's a Marshkin?" page -- the rest have been sold or traded.  Kansas City folks can see some -- including the double page spread, on display at Clint's Comics.  

The prices listed are my original asking price -- but for the purposes of this sale, for ONE WEEK only, starting today, you can take $40.00 off the per page price -- take $60.00 per page off if you buy more than one. I'll cover shipping costs (in the US). 

This may be my one and only shot at drawing Popeye for print -- and once this small batch of pages is gone, it's gone. Contact me at to reserve pages and for payment info (Paypal preferred). First come, first served, as they say. T'anks for lookin' and remembers to eats yer spinach! Arf arf arf!!!

Page 3: Sea Hag and Martians. One Martian in bottom right panel is hand-drawn -- the rest (in that panel) are pasted up "stats." $150.00

Page 4: Popeye and Castor with the Jeep! One Roughhouse Restaurant sign is a paste-up. $200.00

Page 9: Olive, Wimpy, Castor and Prof. Wottasnozzle. $150.00

Page 11: Wimpy (duck gag!), Olive, Castor, Popeye, Goons, Martians and Sea Hag! $200.00

Page 13: Goons, Martians, Sea Hag, Popeye, Giant Robot! $200.00

Page 14: Goons, Robots, Alice, Popeye! $200.00

Page 15: Popeye, Robot, Sea Hag, Martians: $200.00

Page 16: Sea Hag, Popeye, Martians and PAPPY! Panel one is pasted-up "stat" of hand-inked panel two. $200.00

Page 22: Final page: Martians, Popeye, Pappy, Olive, Roughhouse, Geezil (!), Wimpy, Castor, Jeep -- and Sea Hag in her skivvies! $200.00

The corral is OK

Another double dose of The Phantom. When I read the script for the first strip shown here, I thought I'd better look up past strips to see how previous artists had drawn Hero's corral, for continuity's sake.  After searching through YEARS of strips, I found two panels, both of which showed the simple wooden fence you see below. As Mandrake says, "That's it! SIMPLE!"

As for the second strip -- yes, John Romita Sr.'s Gwen Stacy DID make a big impression on me when I was a kid.

I was also amused, that, after drawing this, while watching the 1966 BATMAN movie with my four year old son (his request!) -- I realized our ship's Captain looks a whole lot like that film's Commodore Schmidlapp! Those early impressions stick.