Monday, July 30, 2012


There was a copy of The Boys Who Vanished in our attic when I was kid, and I was always quite fascinated with it.  I recently decided it might be fun to track down a copy -- our attic copy having vanished long ago.  Well, an internet search showed a few book dealers with copies -- but at insanely high prices.  I'm not willing to pop for the crazy bucks they want (it just can't be worth as much as some have it listed) -- but would trade some of my original art (or a custom drawing if you're willing to wait in line) for a nice edition in dust jacket.

I'd also love to have these nifty vintage Batman and Robin figures.  Anybody have a set to spare?  Again, looking to trade.

Another item on the want list -- Volume Nine of IDW's Complete Dick Tracy.  Annoyingly out of print and listed at inexplicably nasty prices on line.   

I'd also like to add The Art of John Carter to my collection.  Went out of print almost immediately and now listed at absurd prices.  

Last but not least on the out of print stuff want list -- the DVD of Ray Harryhausen's Valley of Gwangi - legit issue -- no DVR copies, please.  Anyone want to trade? 

Who knows what evil lurks....?

A recent commission for a fan.  The first image is my preliminary sketch in Manga Studio -- hence the page number!  Pose and cape drapery inspired by a publicity photo of Guy WIlliams as Zorro. The prelim was printed out and transferred to bristol board via pencil and lightbox.  I added the logo -- the original pulp magazine version -- slightly skewed for effect.  Inked with brush and pen.  Finished with graphite stick and colored inks.

My schedule is pretty full right now -- and I have three long-standing commissions I must finish soon -- so can't take on any more at the moment -- but these are always fun to do.


These guys are making a lot of noise in the middle of the night!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Phantom on a Friday.

Yes, I'm running late with the blog updates again.  At least I'm not as far behind with the blog as I am with the webpage!  I never even managed to announce my daughter Lara's arrival on the "News" page there, and she's almost six months old!

Well, I am ahead of schedule on producing the comic strip itself -- so I have that going for me!

This week's Phantom -- a few days late.

Monday, July 16, 2012

THREE Phantoms for the price of one....

UPDATED/REVISED POST:  It's just been pointed out to me that I missed posting the 7/1/12 Phantom page!  So I've added it to this post to keep the continuity correct.  Oops!!!

It's a double dose of The Phantom this time -- as I neglected to post the strip last week.  The Power House Gang story moves along -- while back in the real world, I'm starting to draw the new adventure that begins in October.

Many thanks to those who responded to my Phantom art sale.  The funds from that sale not only helped me purchase a much needed new MacBook (on which I pencil, letter and color the comic strip!) -- but also helped with the purchase of a new furnace.  Our HVAC system conked out on us in the middle of a 100 degree-plus heatwave, and we unexpectedly had to pay to install a new furnace!  Add in replacing my glasses, which had gotten badly chipped, and we had quite a shock to our household budget -- but with the help of Phantom fans worldwide, all is good again. 

The first batch of that art has been shipped -- with pieces going all over the US, and to Sweden and Australia as well!  

A extra big thank you to Jim Cavanaugh of Kansas City's Clint's Comics for purchasing several pages directly from my portfolio (most unpublished at the time) -- putting our fund raising efforts over the top.  Thanks also to Jim for putting up with my three year old son's antics, as the boy tore around the shop,being the nutty three year old that he is.

The "Good Mark" is hereby conferred on all my art buyers.  May The Ghost Who Walks watch over you all!