Tuesday, August 9, 2016

REX MORGAN 8-1-16 to 8-7-16

The Morgan saga continues, as Kelly spills the beans about Dolly -- and Rex takes control of the situation. No background info to add this week -- the strips speak for themselves.

Monday, August 1, 2016

REX MORGAN 7-25-16 to 7-31-16

Rene's out the window and a pair of gangster types confront Kelly and Sarah. The white suited fellow with the pencil mustache is based on FLASH GORDON artist, Alex Raymond -- while the craggy faced fellow is somewhat inspired by B-movie character actor Mike Mazurki. Wednesday has my favorite gag in the strip so far -- I had the leopard/stripes exchange in my head long before I actually wrote this sequence.

Note the art error -- Raymond's shirt and tie switch from black and white to white and black. Oops!

The Sunday page was my response to those who've been troubled by me not adhering 100% to past continuity. Well, folks -- the Rex and June of today's strips can't really be the Rex and June of two or more decades ago -- it just doesn't make sense. So while they remain essentially the same characters, they can't be precisely the same -- a couple with kids this young can't have nearly 70 years of back history. And I can't be expected to remain faithful to plot points from eras of the strip I have no access to -- so we're moving forward -- and here we go.

Plus it gave me an excuse to draw "classic" Rex -- if only this once.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

REX MORGAN 7-11-16 to 7-24-16

Two weeks worth of REX in this post. The comics in the attic story wraps up, for now. We'll get back to Buck and the Harwoods Sr. and Jr. at some point, but for now we're shifting gears and wrapping up plot threads left unresolved by the previous writer.

In the 7-17 Sunday, Kelly confirms what Holly told her at the museum gala -- and we're left wondering what Dolly Pierpont is really up to.

I'll confess here that Rene Belluso is not my favorite character in the strip. He's out the window in the second Sunday strip here, and I'm happy to see him go. Though as some have pointed out -- by revealing that he's not quite what he seemed and didn't even really look as he presented himself (the Walter White/Heisenberg look is on purpose -- just me having some fun) I've now made him a compelling character in the moment that I'm ejecting him from the strip...! Well -- maybe he'll be back someday, if I can find something interesting to do with him. But no more art lessons from him for li'l Sarah.

To answer one question from a reader -- how could Hank Sr. have tutored Rene, when Rene said he was trained in Italy? Well -- would you believe everything Rene told you? We only have his word as regards his background -- and I wouldn't trust an admitted forger to be telling me the truth about anything.

As for the gangsters who show up looking for Rene -- the fellow in white is (visually) based on the great cartoonist, Alex (FLASH GORDON) Raymond -- and the big bruiser in the pinstripes is inspired by the classic B-movie character actor Mike Mazurki.  We'll be seeing more of them in the strips that follow these.

As always, you can follow this and many more strips at COMICS KINGDOM.


Monday, July 11, 2016

REX MORGAN 7-4-16 to 7-10-16

This week we continue to move the comic book story along, as Buck shows he's already making connections with top collectors. Thursday's strip is a shout out to a real life collector of horror/monster memorabilia, who also happens to be one of my favorite movie directors. I'll let you figure it out from there.

Saturday's strip hints at events yet to come.

Sunday recaps recent events in the strip -- but also suggests that there may be changes ahead....

Thursday, July 7, 2016

REX MORGAN 6-27-16 to 7-3-16

The museum gala continues. After focusing on the comics in the attic storyline for a while, we switch gears back to Sarah, Dolly and the museum. Holly was introduced as a museum employee in a Sunday page back in June of 2014. We spent an entire Sunday page establishing her -- and then she was never seen again. I thought she was too appealing a character to disappear forever, so I brought her back for this sequence, and have plans for future appearances. Here's one panel from that introductory Sunday page.

Holly spills the beans regarding some of Dolly Pierpont's secrets. There will be much more to this -- but you'll have to keep coming back to find out just where this is going. As always, you can follow the strip every day at the Comics Kingdom website -- and a (cheap!) subscription gets you access to a decade of archived strips, and your favorites -- new and classic -- emailed to you every day. Please consider signing up, will you? It's a great way to support the cartoonists whose work you follow.

The story over the next few months will shift back and forth from the comics plot line, back to Sarah and Dolly, then more with Milton, Heather and Jordan -- and yes, Rex doing his doctor thing.  I have plenty of story material planned out -- but can only do so much in each individual strip. So if you're wondering what happened to so-and-so, or why haven't we seen such-and-such lately -- well, stick around, folks, we'll get to it all.

Monday, June 27, 2016

REX MORGAN 6-20-16 to 6-26-16

The gala continues -- and so does the story of the comics in the attic. This week we finally meet "Horrible Hank" -- who turns out to be not so horrible after all....

Next week we'll take care of some other business, then get back to Buck and the Harwoods.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

REX MORGAN 6-13-16 to 6-19-16

Here's another week of REX MORGAN. Time to get on with the museum gala. Monday establishes that Rex is back to work after taking some time off to be home with newborn Michael. Some readers are itching for me to get back to medical themed stories -- and that is part of the plan -- but there are a lot of dangling plot threads that need to be tied up, so first things first. Still,  even if we are not following him to the hospital and clinic -- he's going there every work day. And I'd say a few days have passed between the 6-12 Sunday strip and the 6-13 Monday.

For those wondering what's happened to my PHANTOM posts -- I will catch up on those eventually. I have been very busy getting REX on track schedule-wise (we had been working far too close to deadline) -- working 7 day weeks for some time, so something had to give -- and that was largely this blog. One of these days I'll sort through the gazillion photos in my files and post on any number of subjects that should have been posted here -- but for now, it's weekly REX and eventually catching up on THE PHANTOM.

Next week, even though we're at the gala, we'll get back to the comics in the attic story. And remember you can read this day by day at the COMICS KINGDOM website.