Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MidSouthCon in memphis, THIS weekend!

I'm the comics Guest of Honor at MidSouthCon in Memphis this weekend (March 22-24) -- here's a link with info about the show. It's largely a Sci-Fi/fantasy show -- but there's a solid comics/pulp track, and I'm looking forward to the event.  I'll be on multiple panels and will have a table with art, comics, etc. on display.

Above and beyond the show, I'm really looking forward to seeing some rockabilly landmarks on Friday before the convention gets going.  Sun Studios and Graceland are on my to do list.  Here's hoping I manage to see both!  And though there's plenty of BBQ to be had here in the Kansas City area, I'm eager to sample the Memphis version!


Savarna shoots the Phantom!?!  What next?  You know the drill -- tune in next week....