Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dale Watson/The Copperheads at Lee's Liquor Lounge 5/26/07

Folks who know me, know that if there's a good band playing at Lee's Liquor Lounge, that's where I'll be. A legendary bar here in Minneapolis, Lee's is the home of rockabilly and roots country in the Twin Cities: . Last night local band the Copperheads opened for one of my favorite performers, Dale Watson. Here are a few pics.

The Copperheads:

Dale Watson:

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Shojo Manga Show at MCAD

This show is currently in the main gallery at MCAD -- and runs until June 29. Photos are from the reception, hosted by curator, Masami Toku.

This internationally touring exhibition includes more than 200 pieces from 23 artists who have contributed to the development of shojo manga (girl comics) in Japan since World War II, reflecting the evolution of social roles for Japanese girls and women in the past 60 years.

For the MCAD show, Western responses to shojo manga have been included -- student work as well as professional work from MCAD alumni.

My only regret about this exhibit, is that many of the pieces are not originals, but rather (very high quality) digital reproductions. Still, there ARE originals among the work, and it's a fascinating collection of images from this genre of Japanese comics.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Green Bay -- the rest of the pics

Here are the rest of my photos from the Rockin' 50's Fest. I regret that I have no pics of the bands that played in the casino lounge (The Neanderthals were especially photo-worthy!) or of anything on Sunday past 5:30 when my digital camera crapped out on me -- just before the Starlight Drifters reunion! So I have no pics of that great band doing the theme song from my comic book "Johnny Dynamite" -- darn it all! But here's a nice sampling of photos from Thursday through Sunday afternoon. If you're an attendee reading this who DOES have Starlight Drifters pics, how about emailing me a few, huh?


Rockabilly Hall of Fame tables

Sonny Burgess

Rosie Flores

Conny (rockabilly singer from Japan)

The Seatsniffers -- GREAT band from Belgium

Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding

"Pappy" Dave Stuckey

Lee Rocker (of the Stray Cats)

.49 Special

Jessie Lee Miller -- what a voice!

Sue Moreno, Little Rachel, Jessie Lee Miller, Rosie Flores and Conny sing "Mean Mean Man"

The Hideaway Cats (Brazil)

The Taildraggers? Correct me if I'm wrong, OK?

Car show! Saturday afternoon in the parking lot. Dozens of gorgeous cars.

 James Intveld  -- the singing voice of Johnny Depp in John Waters' "Cry Baby!"

Charlie Thompson

The Collins Kids -- backed up by Deke Dickerson and company.

Collins Kids with Wanda Jackson "Let's Have a Party"

Levi Dexter and the original Rockcats reunion!

More bass! On-stage craziness courtesy Deke Dickerson


Amber Foxx

The in crowd....

Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms

Yuichi and the Hilltone Boys

Sonny West

The Vibro-Champs