Thursday, December 11, 2008

Justice Society of America

This latest batch of commissioned drawings is for a client who has been having me draw DC's "Golden Age" (or "Earth Two" if you're a comic geek like me) Justice Society of America characters.  Rounding out the collection, we have Hawkman, Wildcat, Mr. Terrific, The Spectre and the Atom.  These were fun to draw, as I've always had a fondness for this crew -- having been introduced to them when they made their annual guest appearances in the 1960s Justice League of America comic book.  As of tonight, this brings me up to date with current commission orders.  If no more orders come in in the next few days, I may be drawing some characters of my own choosing and putting them up for grabs on eBay.  I'm having too much fun doing this to stop right now....! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Roller Derby meets Art Gallery

I have a piece in this show, opening this Friday.  If you're in the Twin Cities area, please stop by!  Erika and I will be attending the opening reception after stopping by MCAD for the graduate show.  

Monday, December 8, 2008

Three more

Jonah Hex and the Golden Age versions of Sandman  and Starman join the list of finished commissions.  Whew....  I've done a lot of drawing today.

New Commissions -- in progress pics

I'm busy plowing through a long list of commissions that I want to get done before the holidays -- well, actually, before the 20th, since that's the day the lovely Miss Erika Loen and I are getting married.  (See how I snuck that news in there without any fanfare?  Clever, huh?)  With Christmas, a honeymoon and New Year's (and her birthday!) all mixed up in there, I don't figure I'll get a whole lot done from the 20th until a little bit into January!  So until then, I'm drawing up a storm, selling art on eBay, promoting my carnival sideshow figures (available now!) and crossing my fingers all our wedding plans go smoothly.

Now -- here's the newest batch of drawings.  Since some have expressed an interest in my process, here are a couple in progress pics of Crystal and Lockjaw.  After digging up character/costume reference on the web and from my bookshelves, I start with a 5.5 x 8.5 sketchbook and work up a fairly tight pencil prelim (first pic).  I then scan that, enlarge it, print it out at 11 x14 and tighten the image up a bit on the printout -- still in pencil (pic #2).  I then lightbox the pencils onto bristol board (not shown) and go on to ink and color (#3).  I'm not charging enough for these, am I?  

And yes -- as a private joke, I scribbled Kirby's cigar into Lockjaw's mouth.  Just in the prelims.  Yeah -- dogs shouldn't oughta smoke -- but damnit, it's funny how much he looks like Jack....

Then, in descending order, we have Doctor Mid-Nite, Aquaman and Aqualad, Golden Age Flash and Green Arrow.  Couldn't resist the boxing glove arrow.  More posted soon -- keep checking back -- and please leave a comment or two.  I like to know someone's out there! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flash, Bettie and.... Jaws?

Here's a piece commissioned by a client who wanted a B&W toned image of the Golden Age Flash rescuing Bettie Page from sharks after riding her bike off a cliff!  Certainly a compositional challenge, this came out looking like a vintage comic book cover -- minus the vintage color, of course.