Monday, December 8, 2008

Three more

Jonah Hex and the Golden Age versions of Sandman  and Starman join the list of finished commissions.  Whew....  I've done a lot of drawing today.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering, do you prefer to do the silver age characters? Or would you prefer some of the modern ones?

jason "wild dog guy" gavin

Anonymous said...

I do prefer the older characters -- it's just more fun for me.

Marteani said...

Well I'm utterly sold on silver age Sandman (and rather always have been), but young retro-minded Jack Knight will always be my pick for Starman.

You know what's missing though? Evening Gown Catwoman.

Rowan's Dad said...

Great the Jonah Hex! Terry, you're work right now is seriously one of the best values in original art out there.
My wife, who isn't a comics geek, was even in awe of that beautiful Surfer/Galactus piece you did for our son.
And you just keep churning 'em out! Keep 'em coming.
Also, congrats on the upcoming nuptials.