Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flash, Bettie and.... Jaws?

Here's a piece commissioned by a client who wanted a B&W toned image of the Golden Age Flash rescuing Bettie Page from sharks after riding her bike off a cliff!  Certainly a compositional challenge, this came out looking like a vintage comic book cover -- minus the vintage color, of course.


Mookie 59 said...

Beautifully done,Terry..It conveys a sense of awe and fun not the usual dark and gloominess depicted in many works of today's comic art..Thank you for sharing.. Mookie59

Josh Eddings said...

I think this is my favorite. Now if the Fonze was jumping one of the sharks on his motorcyle it would be spectacular! :)

SwanShadow said...

Simply sensational work, Terry. And especially appropriate, given Ms. Page's recent health setback.