Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Jack Cole horror!

With a whole lot of Return to Perdition pages to draw, I've not had much time for my blog lately -- but with Halloween on the way, I wanted to be sure to post a few horror stories at least. So here's a doozy -- The Corpse That Wouldn't Die! by the one and only Jack Cole. This is from Intrigue #1 -- but I think it's a reprint from some issue of Web of Evil. Scans adjusted for the web. Original scans can be found at the Digital Comics Museum. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A really big show

PA070028, originally uploaded by scarytb.

DC Comics' offices are directly across the street from this theater marquee that you just might recognize.

Me at DC

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As part of our NY trip, I arranged a tour of DC Comics' offices. In all the years I've been freelancing for the company, I'd never actually been there! Will Dennis, editor on the "Return to Perdition" book I'm currently drawing, generously took time out of his work day to show me around -- and I was so tickled just to be there, that I forgot to take photos! I did get this ONE snap of Superman in the entry way. Silly me.

Bettie Page at NYCC

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Gorgeous Bettie Page statue by Kent Melton. Produced by Dark Horse.

Frazetta monster battle!

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Remarkable statue based on a Frank Frazetta illo, on display at NYCC.

Tall Tales from Minnesota in NY

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My friend Martin Powell's Paul Bunyan and Sinbad books on display at the Stone Arch Books table at NYCC.

Archie and friends at NYCC

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There was so much merchandise on display at the New York Comic Con, that it eventually became too much to handle -- but before I was overwhelmed by it all, I did take a few snaps of items that caught my attention. These little retro-styled figures of Archie and the gang are just great!

Unemployed Man at NYCC

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"Adventures of Unemployed Man" creators Gan Golan and Erich Origen appeared at NYCC as characters from the book! A bit silly, you say? Of course -- but it netted them plenty of media attention. It was great meeting them in person (even in super-hero disguise) after working together long distance.

Ramona Fradon at NYCC

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Thanks to my in-laws, who flew Erika, Kirby and me to new York last weekend for a visit with them, I also got to attend the NY Comic Con. I was thrilled to meet one of my all-time favorite cartoonists, Ramona Fradon. I'd just inked a large batch of Ramona's pencils for "The Adventures of Unemployed Man," and here's Ramona holding up a "Wonder Mother" page from that book.

Charles Addams on Broadway

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We didn't get to see this show -- but what a kick to see these huge banners featuring Charles Addams artwork! The store across the street had a window full of Addams Family merchandise.

Erika meets Elvis

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Here's Erika outside the theater before the show (Million Dollar Quartet). We saw the understudy Erik Hayden, rather than headliner Eddie Clendening, as Elvis -- and that was initially a disappointment for me, as I'd seen Eddie perform at the Green Bay Rockabilly fest and liked him a lot -- but there was nothing wrong with Hayden's performance.

Tony Award winner Levi Kries as Jerry Lee Lewis was tremendous -- it did help. of course, that he had all the good lines. All the performers were top flight musicians -- I was especially impressed with (Carl Perkins) Robert Britton Lyons' guitar work and Kreis' Jerry Lee piano stylings. Elizabeth Stanley as "Dyanne" was a stunner -- and when Lance Guest (Johnny Cash) launched into "Ghost Riders in the Sky, " it damn near took my breath away.

Rockabilly on Broadway

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Thanks to the generosity of Erika's parents, we saw Million Dollar Quartet on Broadway during our visit to NYC. Here I am outside the theater. The show, about Sam Phillps' Sun Records label and the one day Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis were all in the studio together was just my cup o' tea.


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Supes rescues the crowd from a falling truck at the Times Square TRU.

T Rex R Us

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Animatronic dino at the Times Square Toys R Us!