Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Erika meets Elvis

PA090163, originally uploaded by scarytb.

Here's Erika outside the theater before the show (Million Dollar Quartet). We saw the understudy Erik Hayden, rather than headliner Eddie Clendening, as Elvis -- and that was initially a disappointment for me, as I'd seen Eddie perform at the Green Bay Rockabilly fest and liked him a lot -- but there was nothing wrong with Hayden's performance.

Tony Award winner Levi Kries as Jerry Lee Lewis was tremendous -- it did help. of course, that he had all the good lines. All the performers were top flight musicians -- I was especially impressed with (Carl Perkins) Robert Britton Lyons' guitar work and Kreis' Jerry Lee piano stylings. Elizabeth Stanley as "Dyanne" was a stunner -- and when Lance Guest (Johnny Cash) launched into "Ghost Riders in the Sky, " it damn near took my breath away.

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