Monday, July 30, 2012

Who knows what evil lurks....?

A recent commission for a fan.  The first image is my preliminary sketch in Manga Studio -- hence the page number!  Pose and cape drapery inspired by a publicity photo of Guy WIlliams as Zorro. The prelim was printed out and transferred to bristol board via pencil and lightbox.  I added the logo -- the original pulp magazine version -- slightly skewed for effect.  Inked with brush and pen.  Finished with graphite stick and colored inks.

My schedule is pretty full right now -- and I have three long-standing commissions I must finish soon -- so can't take on any more at the moment -- but these are always fun to do.

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George Freeman said...

Wow. This is nice, Terry. And very true to the classic version I like the best. The texturing of the watercolour adds a pulpy feel.

Thanks for the biggish scan.