Monday, July 30, 2012


There was a copy of The Boys Who Vanished in our attic when I was kid, and I was always quite fascinated with it.  I recently decided it might be fun to track down a copy -- our attic copy having vanished long ago.  Well, an internet search showed a few book dealers with copies -- but at insanely high prices.  I'm not willing to pop for the crazy bucks they want (it just can't be worth as much as some have it listed) -- but would trade some of my original art (or a custom drawing if you're willing to wait in line) for a nice edition in dust jacket.

I'd also love to have these nifty vintage Batman and Robin figures.  Anybody have a set to spare?  Again, looking to trade.

Another item on the want list -- Volume Nine of IDW's Complete Dick Tracy.  Annoyingly out of print and listed at inexplicably nasty prices on line.   

I'd also like to add The Art of John Carter to my collection.  Went out of print almost immediately and now listed at absurd prices.  

Last but not least on the out of print stuff want list -- the DVD of Ray Harryhausen's Valley of Gwangi - legit issue -- no DVR copies, please.  Anyone want to trade? 

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Terry Beatty said...

A trade is in the works for the John Carter book -- and Gwangi is now available as a Warner Archive selection.