Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More commissions!

Though my schedule is crammed full of comic book work, I managed to sneak a few more commissions in this week.  My recent Orion Vs. Darkseid piece must have caught the eye of the client who requested I draw a Jack Kirby-style Orion.  I tried to push the Kirby look a little more this time -- using more of his patented "squiggles."  I wasn't completely happy with the pose in my initial pencil sketch, thinking it a little stiff -- so when I transfered it to bristol, I reworked the legs.

I think this gives the figure a stronger line of motion, and makes for a better drawing -- judge for yourself -- the inked version is shown below, followed by the full color finished piece.

I'd drawn Golden Age comic book hero Doctor Mid-Nite for a previous client -- but this this time I was asked to add a new element.  Doc now has a sidekick based on the original (pre-Barbara Gordon) Bat Girl - dropping the (few) Bat-elements of her costume.  From initial sketch to finished piece, I moved Mid-Nite Girl (?) over a bit, so the figures weren't touching.  I'm quite pleased with Doc's jaunty running pose!

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