Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So long, Casey 1990(?)-2008

After three years of diabetes, and recently diagnosed with kidney disease, my old pal Casey used up the last of his nine lives as of Thursday last week.  His original name was K.C. -- which stood for "Kitty Cat" -- but that quickly became "Casey." I'm not certain exactly how old he was -- he was an abandoned cat when I got him -- and my best guess is he was two years old.  He was with me for sixteen years -- and it seems odd for him to no longer be my constant shadow.  So long, pal -- you'll be missed.

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Anonymous said...

Terry, I am so sorry to hear about Casey. He was one of the first cats I really "dug". He tugged at my heart when he would lay a protective paw on his master and look at me with his little cat face and black nose.