Saturday, July 3, 2010

Comics in the movies: The Exiles

From the 1961 film, The Exiles, here are a few shots of one of the characters reading some vintage comics. One seems to be an issue of DC's Adventure Comics (I think I see Superboy there) -- the other looks to be an Atlas comic. The Atlas Tales website lists two stories called The Terrible Toy. One is from Unknown Worlds #6 (1951), drawn by Gene Colan -- the other from Astonishing #6 (1957), drawn by Bob Forgione and Jack Abel. I'm not sure which one this is -- can anyone give a positive ID...?

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JaiBox said...

Don't know about this one. I've been watching a huge sequence of Ingmar Bergman movies. I've noticed in at least 2 movies there's a scene of someone reading a comic book. In "Scenes from a Marriage" one of the characters is reading a Donald Duck comic. I can't remember the other one I saw, but a character was reading another funny animal comic, maybe another Donald Duck. I wonder if Bergman was a fan of those?