Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Sunday!

Today is a first for me -- not only my first Rex Morgan Sunday page -- but the first time I've had two Sunday strips in the paper! So here are today's Rex and Phantom strips. I have to wonder if there is any newspaper out there that runs both...? 

As I've noted previously, now that the Comics Kingdom site is showing the full "half page" strips, I don't feel the need to post all my strips here anymore -- but I will from time to time -- especially if I've saved some work in progress shots to share, or have a story to tell that relates to the strip. Today's strips certainly show the contrast between the features -- Rex is a pretty low key conversation in the office-- while The Phantom is an action packed fight scene on a pirate ship! 

I'm still working on Jungle Tales of Tarzan pages today -- Martin Powell and I are adapting Edgar Rice Burroughs' story, The Lion, for a graphic novel to be published by Dark Horse. Back to drawing the strips tomorrow. 


john said...

Great Sunday Rex. Nice use of perspective.

jim, some guy in iowa said...

Really liked the action-packed Phantom.

I was kind of surprised to read in one of your earlier entries that you had to start Rex cold so to speak. Do you have a separate schedule for working on the Sundays or do you just work in order?

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

can you share the curernt story (of The Phantom) before doing what you wrote above ?



Terry Beatty said...

Jim -- the Sundays are due several weeks before the dailies -- but the goal is to draw the strip in chronological order -- and be ahead enough on schedule with the dailies to do so.

Terry Beatty said...

Anonymous: The full Sundays are available on Comics Kingdom -- no real need for me to post them here.

Anonymous said...


it is just a matter of size; of getting a whole story with the same size.