Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday page links!

For those looking for the Sunday pages of Rex Morgan and The Phantom, I'm going to encourage you to visit the Comics Kingdom website. Here is the link to the latest Rex Sunday -- and here's the Phantom Sunday. With King Features posting the complete "half page" Sunday strips now, I don't feel the need to post them here anymore. In some cases, if I've kept screen shots of the work in progress, I'll post those along with the final strip -- but that'll be a once in a while thing.

In the meantime, please do support the Comics Kingdom site. You can read not only my work, but the current Prince Valiant, Judge Parker, Spider-Man, Zippy, Mutts, Zits, Sally Forth, Paul Ryan's daily Phantom strips and many more. And there's the extra of all the vintage strips they run-- Barney Google, Rip Kirby, Buz Sawyer, Krazy Kat, Flash Gordon, as well as vintage Phantom and Mandrake adventures -- and just starting today, Frank Robbins' Johnny Hazard!

A few vintage strips shown below just as a teaser of what's available at the site.

You can read the strips on site for free, or subscribe (it's pretty cheap) and get your favorites emailed to you each day. It's like getting a customized comics page sent right to your mail box. Many of the strips are archived, too -- going back ten years or more. Okay, enough of a plug? I don't get any royalties or anything -- just encouraging you to check out a great source for current and vintage strips. Start digging into the archives, and you'll have enough reading material to keep you busy for years....

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