Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rex Week Two: Thursday -- and a Tarzan preview

Color/B&W comparisons continue (for a few more days). It's a big day for the strip, as I introduce my version of Sarah. While I'm still refining June's look here, I purposely reworked Sarah a bit. Having youngsters in the home, I used what I see in my own kids (and their friends at preschool) to redefine her look. Lots of photo reference for the dog!

Comics Kingdom commenters seem split on liking the new Sarah and still crabbing about my art in general. Geez, folks, no points for the dog? Yeesh....

I have a tight deadline looming (day's end, Sunday) for my entry in the upcoming Jungle Tales of Tarzan graphic novel anthology from Dark Horse. Had to skip drawing both Rex and Phantom this week to stay on track, and will be doubling my workload on both strips to get back on schedule with them come next week (yikes!) -- but that's the life of a freelancer.

Here's an itty bitty teaser of four of the twelve pages of The Lion, adapted by Martin Powell from the Edgar Rice Burroughs story. Shown small here so you can get a hint of it, but not read it. C'mon -- we want you to buy the book, y'know! Color palette sampled from vintage comics to evoke a certain nostalgic response. Copyright, trademark and all rights reserved by ERB, Inc. and all that jazz.

Time to hit the drawing board -- I probably need to ink three Tarzan pages today to keep up. Kreegah!!!


Mike Manley said...

The dog is great! F those nuts of CK, they just want to hate hate hate

Shawn James said...

Never red Rex, before, but I'm a reader now. Got to say that is one great looking dog.

Sarah looks great IMO, Artists are going to take some liberties with a character when they interpret them; any comic fan knows this.

Screw the haters and focus on your story. From what I've seen you tell a great story on Rex.The panel work is clean and the story is easy to follow.

The Tarzan panels tell a powerful story!

Toots McGee said...

I see what you mean about the color palette for the Tarzan work. Nostalgic response evoked!