Sunday, January 5, 2014

REX Day Six -- and no Sunday

The last strip from my first week of Rex Morgan, M.D. My apologies for not having this up yesterday. We had internet issues all day -- only fixed this morning. A sparing use of tone in this strip from Saturday. I think June is looking more herself in the final panel, though we still got complaints about this one. I think we're just going to get some griping no matter what. 

Here's one example of why I don't take the complaints to heart, though -- one reader was very upset that I'm drawing Rex with a cleft chin -- as if that was something I'd just brought to the character -- when in fact, Rex has had that chin dimple from the very beginning of the feature -- and all the way through Graham Nolan's run!

One color goof here -- bed colored as if it is June's arm -- June's arm left white. Eh -- mistakes happen.

I have no Sunday strip to post today, as Graham's last strip is running -- so if you want to see what's happening with Rex and June and the ice cream, stop by the Comics Kingdom page to read today's strip.

Next week: more with Rex and June -- and Sarah.

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