Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Commission process pics: Harry, Victor, Namor and Rita

While waiting on script and the official green light on several projects, I'm taking on commissions to fill my schedule (hint, hint, contact button at the bottom of the page on my website). Rather than just show you the finished pieces, as I usually do, I thought it might be fun to show a bit of the process.

I start by doing a sketch using Manga Studio -- drawing with a tablet and stylus. No more paper wasted on prelims. As you can see in the Dr. Doom and Sub-Mariner roughs, Subby started out in his traditional swimsuit -- but at the client's request, ended up in his more villainous black outfit.

Harry Potter is based on elements from several different promotional photos from the film. I zipped through the movies on our Blu-ray player, looking for just the right shot to base this piece on -- and couldn't find anything that worked for me! So -- off to the web to find other reference. I'm pleased with the end result. I hope the client will be too (especially since he's been waiting on this one for a while).
This drawing of Rita Hayworth is based on four different promotional photos from Gilda. This is such an iconic pose, I had to go with it.

The next step is to print out the roughs at 11x14 or 11x17, depending on the format of the commission -- and transfer them in pencil via lightbox onto bristol board for inking.

Here are the finished inks for Harry Potter and the super villain team-up of Doom and Namor.

And the final color versions of both. The color is done with Dr. Martins colored inks.

Rita needed a little tightening up in the pencil stage -- so here's what I did before starting the inks.
The final version of the Rita art. This was commissioned when the client saw a similar piece I did of Ava Gardner for someone else. The process is a little different here -- no color obviously -- and the gray tones are acrylic paint -- so it's a mixed media piece -- and larger than the others. This particular client keeps having me do pieces that I'm tempted to keep for myself!
I have several more in the works -- some of which I'll share with you as they are finished. I do have room on my schedule to take on more (hint, again!). Please leave a comment and let me know if you're enjoying these posts, will you? Thanks!


Tom Floyd said...

Terry, as always I love seeing process stuff. As an somewhat artist I like seeing a pro's processes and reading about the choices made in pieces. Keep 'em coming man. Especially the non comic pieces like Rita.

Ray Cuthbert said...

Like Tom, I like the Rita Hayworth piece the best thus far -- perhaps that's not surprising! - Ray Cuthbert

Doc said...

That Rita is amazing! I love the colours of the comic art, but she is wonderful! More please!

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Definitely enjoying the tour!