Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Everlasting Health and Strength" by Charles Atlas

Despite divesting myself of pretty much a room full of stuff before making the move from the Twin Cities to our new digs in the Kansas City area, the general consensus here is that I still have too much stuff! My studio shelves are as packed full as they can be -- and the back room in the basement has shelf after shelf of my unbuilt (or half-built!) model kits -- and too many boxes of stuff that is just stored away.

So -- I'm going through all this material and pulling things to sell (most will likely go on eBay), and as I do, I'm finding some things that I think would be fun to share on my blog. One of those items is this 1954 Charles Atlas booklet. If you are of a certain age and grew up reading comic books, you no doubt recall the comic strip "Insult that made a man out of Mac" ad for Atlas' body building course that seemed to run in just about every comic book published. It's seen here as the back cover of this little booklet -- but with an alternate title.

No matter how many times I saw that ad, I never sent away for more info -- but if you did contact Atlas back in '54, I guess this is what you'd have received in return. I suppose plenty of kids reading the adventures of their favorite super-heroes dreamed about being built like those heroes. I just wanted to learn how to draw them.

Anyhow -- enjoy reading this remarkable little booklet (click on the pics for larger versions) -- and if, when you're done, you want to try out Atlas' methods for yourself, the company is still in business! You can order the classic Charles Atlas "Dynamic Tension" bodybuilding course at Hey -- it only takes 15 minutes a day!

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