Saturday, September 19, 2009

Monkeying around with Lawson Wood

Lawson Wood (1878-1957) was an English artist whose wacky and wonderfully well-painted monkey illustrations were published worldwide.  Lawson monkeys can be found on postcards, calendars, magazine covers, advertisements and many promotional items.  I love his crazy cartoony simians, and have a good stack of his work here -- enjoy the scans!

I should note that the monochromatic images at the bottom are from promotional cards sent out by the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.  I've reproduced the inside of one of the cards, which also includes a pen and ink version of a a Lawson monkey. You might know the company by its better-known name -- 3M.

You can see more Lawson Wood in this post from the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive, a wonderful site I recommend you all explore and support.

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MDG14450 said...

My mother had a Lawson Wood Ringling Brothers poster that came from my grandfather's store. I always loved it (it's hanging in my sisters house these days."