Thursday, September 10, 2009

Babes on vinyl

Here is where several of my collecting interests meet.  Vintage albums plus pin-up girls equals "must have" items!  Let's start with one of my favorite record packages -- the three EP version of Julie London's Calendar Girl.  In addition to having a beautiful voice, Miss London was pretty easy on the eyes. The photos on the covers are in the style of the painted pin-up calendars (Vargas, Petty, Elvgren, etc.) of the day.

The cover of The Best of Julie is quite, lovely, too.  The mini-versions of her other LP sleeves are a detail from the back cover.

Do you recognize the young model on the cover of 8 Top Hits?  None other than Miss Julie Newmar -- long before she was Catwoman on the Batman TV series.

Pretty girls on the cover seemed to help sell all sorts of music, from Honky Tonk Piano to spy movie themes.  And dig the David McCallum look-alike on the cover of this Thunderball disc!

I think we know who Elmo Tanner was whistling at....

There are three women on the cover of Hi Fi.  Don't believe me?  read up on Billy Tipton.

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Jason Chalker said...

Those are so awesome. Especially the Julie London. Not only was she a looker, she had a great voice.

Oh, and I also like the old-school round bombs on the spy music album.