Friday, March 2, 2012


Another wraparound Scary Monsters magazine cover illustration done.  This all digital creation features Chicago horror host "Marvin" and his ghastly "Shock Theatre" crew. You'll also see a Zanti Misfit (and a "Sam-ti" Misfit!) and several creepy crawly arm/hand creatures!  Points to those who can identify all three appendages. 

Since the subject matter dates to the late '50s, I went for a retro color approach -- cribbing a palette from a vintage Marx Lone Ranger toy box and using comic book-style "big dot" color.  I've included a detail shot of Marvin so you can see the color technique.  As always, click on the pics for a bigger view.  Double click to the SIDE of the pics to see them outside of the slideshow format.

For info on Scary Monsters subscriptions and back issues, check out the official website.

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