Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Planet Comicon, here I come!

I'm looking forward to attending Planet Comicon in Overland Park, Kansas this weekend (March 24 & 25).  My former Batman collaborators, Joe Staton (current Dick Tracy artist) and Rick Burchett ( Lady Sabre) are fellow guests, and we'll be doing a panel, along with Archie's Dan Parent, on Sunday.  There's a great list of media and comics guests.  Some of the other artists attending include Bernie Wrightson, Bruce Jones, Dan Panosian, Michael Golden, Phil Hester, Ande Parks, Don Rosa and MANY more!  Check out more info HERE, and come on out to see us all!

Oh -- here's the banner to look for to find me.

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scrooks said...

I had no idea you were going to be at Planet Comicon or I would have maybe had something more intelligent to say when I found your table and stopped by on Sunday. I may have even prepared enough to actually ask you to do a sketch or something. Having my 5-year-old along that day and already asking if we could leave (so he could play with his new Star Wars toy) didn't help matters.

I was the guy who said he'd purchased the art for one of the Ms Tree covers long ago. I checked and it was issue #31. Unfortunately my wife is not real thrilled with having that particular piece up on the wall (it is a bit hard to explain to our little ones, I guess), so it's currently, sadly, stored in the container I got it in. It's not that she doesn't want to display comic art at all - I have great pieces by Don Rosa and Rick Geary up.

I see that you're now living in Kansas City, so hopefully you'll be back at Planet Comicon next year and I'll be better prepared for stopping by your table. Perhaps I can even scrape together enough money to commission something my wife will be more amenable to putting out on display. :-)

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