Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Phantom 3-4-12 from pencils to color.

 Digital pencils for today's Phantom Sunday strip, with lettering and borders added.  Drawn in Manga Studio.  Below, the same art has been turned into "bluelines" to be printed on bristol for inking by hand.
 When inked, the art is scanned and cleaned up -- the blue pencil under the inks dropped out.
 Below, the final page for print and web -- colors added digitally by Tom Smith.  Since I now have physical originals for the strips (the previous Sundays by me were all digital), I'll be auctioning off the art on eBay as they are published.  The first auction will go up soon.


Andreas said...

Very nice to see the process! However, one note about this strip: The Nomad's possible survival will be missed by all papers that drop the first tier. Kind of a big thing to put in the drop panels, I think.

Unknown said...

Great work! I appreciate the work you put into the clarity of each panel while still keeping a detailed background. Thanks for the process. This is the first time I've heard of Manga Studio being used professionally.

Terry Beatty said...

Many pro cartoonists are using Manga Studios these days. The perspective and inking tools are particularly nice!