Sunday, April 1, 2012

Double dose of The Phantom

I was busy attending Planet Comicon last weekend -- and forgot to post last Sunday's Phantom strip here! So here's a double dose -- last week's and today's.  As an extra, I'm including the B&W ink art prior to color, so you can see just how much colorist Tom Smith brings to the table here.

Please note the extra special King Features guest star in last week's strip.  The script called for some sort of funny or cartoon image on Sgt. Maurice's coffee cup, and since KFS owns Popeye, well, I couldn't resist.

This week's strip is the final page in the "Shadows of Rune Noble" story line -- and my first chance to draw the Phantom recording his adventures in the Skull Cave -- and to draw my versions of Guran and Devil.  Seems Guran is the computer whiz and The Ghost Who Walks is a bit technologically challenged!  I really enjoyed drawing Eric Sahara/Nomad's trophy room.  I suspect we will see more of Nomad - but as for next week?  New adventure!!!

Congrats, by the way, to Tom Yeates, who takes over the art on the Prince Valiant strip with today's Sunday page.  Welcome to the King Features, crew, Tom!  And best wishes to Gary Gianni, who leaves the strip after a decade of wonderful work.

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