Sunday, April 8, 2012


This week's Phantom marks the beginning of a new story -- and the first to be drawn exclusively by me.  The previous tale saw me stepping in after the untimely passing of Eduardo Barreto and several fill in strips by long-time Phantom daily strip artist Paul Ryan.  This Sunday also marks the last strip to be colored by Tom Smith.  Tom had colored the feature for Paul for several years, and came back to it when my art began running -- but  budgetary reasons demand that I take on the color chores as well as the rest of the art.  My thanks to Tom for helping me get off to a running start -- it was much appreciated.

Since it's Easter, I hid an "Easter egg" in the strip.  Do you see it?

Below is my rough pencil version -- today's extra for my blog readers.  And below that, a rejected version of the last panel.  The Phantom's pose struck me as too similar to the hiding-behind-the-tree shot in my first Sunday page -- so I reworked it.

Come back next week for more!

Oh -- the original art for last week's Sunday is still up for bid on eBay for a couple days.  Please have a look.


LUD! said...

If you're referring to the Mandrake photo in the corner of the newspaper in the third panel, then yep! A fun easter egg indeed!

Aman King said...

Of course, it is believed that Mandrake looks a lot like Lee Falk himself from his younger years... so you never know, maybe it's Falk on that newspaper???

Dr PC Sarkar said...
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Dr PC Sarkar said...

Good job, Terry!! Keep up the good work!! :-)