Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today's Phantom -- Nomad takes a dive!

Today's Phantom Sunday strip -- from rough to inks to final colored strip.  Pencils and inks done digitally in Manga Studio.  The blue pencil rough is a small screen capture -- sorry I don't have a bigger image for that.  Click on the other pics to see them bigger.

Previous Phantom Sunday artist, the late Eduardo Barreto, figured out a new template for the Sunday strip that allows for the taller vertical panels you see here -- particularly appropriate for the jumping off the cliff sequence.  This would not have been half as effective in the standard horizontal panel format. 


Andreas said...

So glad to see that you follow in Barreto's footsteps regarding the panel layouts. This will look great in comic books in portrait format (for example Frew's Phantom in Australia). Really enjoying your own style on the strips as well. Keep up the good work!

benton jew said...

Great stuff! Great adventure strip art is a near extinct breed. Thanks for keeping it alive.

Anonymous said...

If you like to show the 'pencils' in blue in your post, show only the sketch layer(s) then save your project. If you go to the folder that has the page and layers, you also have a handy jpeg of the project. I like MS4EX's folders because I can throw in my reference pic's, Photoshop images, etc, instead of thowing it into a project folder. Too bad i can't sign in with The FaceBook so i'm not anon.