Friday, August 27, 2010

Forgotten cartoonists: King Ward

Here's another entry from ACG's Forbidden Worlds (#12, Dec. 1952). This is one of several stories from that title drawn by King Ward, a cartoonist about whom I know next to nothing. A look around the web doesn't turn up very much info, either. The Grand Comics Database lists 26 stories drawn by him -- most of them for ACG. I wouldn't exactly call him a great artist -- and what I've seen of his stories have a bit of a rushed quality to them - but there's certainly plenty to like in his work. This is the oddest of his work I've seen (so far) -- and at times it reminds me of EC's Graham Ingels. There's a Caniff influence here as well. It's this sort of oddball material that makes the early issues of Forbidden Worlds such a treat. Ladies and gents: Were-Spider's Doom!

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