Monday, October 8, 2007

FallCon '07

Here are a few pics from this year's comic book show, here in the Twin Cities. -- a few of the (many) guests and some of the displays.

Christopher Jones -- penciller on "The Batman Strikes."

The "Comic Heads" crew from MCAD

Hey -- I had that Beverly Hillbillies truck when i was a kid....!

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A great collection of George Petty pin-ups!

A collection of Green Lantern artwork.

Another of the many displays of comic art at the show.

A great C. C Beck Capt. Marvel color piece.


This deco building next door to the convention looks straight out of a '30s Superman cartoon....

Steve Rude.

Zander Cannon and Chris Jones.

Joe Rubinstein and Xeric Grant winner Tyler Page

My tablemate (and neighbor) Tom Allison with his "Plasma Cannon."

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