Monday, October 15, 2007

Why I Love Minneapolis: Part Two

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts! Located on the same block as MCAD, if I could just live in this museum, I would. Here are just a few of the treasures found within (Parrish, Barye, Van Gogh, Wyeth...!) For more info and hundreds of scans of art from the collection (see the "collections" portion of the website) have a look here: Currently on view is an exhibition of Anders Zorn etchings -- and a Degas sculpture show starts soon. If you are ever in the Minneapolis area -- you owe it to yourself to make a visit to the MIA.


Pablowapsi said...

I think one of my favorite pieces there is Monet's "Grainstack, Sun in the Mist".

Unknown said...

It does contain a great collection. Thanks for posting one of my favorites, the Maxfield Parrish. The museum contains soo many treasures. Thanks for sharing Terry.