Sunday, July 24, 2016

REX MORGAN 7-11-16 to 7-24-16

Two weeks worth of REX in this post. The comics in the attic story wraps up, for now. We'll get back to Buck and the Harwoods Sr. and Jr. at some point, but for now we're shifting gears and wrapping up plot threads left unresolved by the previous writer.

In the 7-17 Sunday, Kelly confirms what Holly told her at the museum gala -- and we're left wondering what Dolly Pierpont is really up to.

I'll confess here that Rene Belluso is not my favorite character in the strip. He's out the window in the second Sunday strip here, and I'm happy to see him go. Though as some have pointed out -- by revealing that he's not quite what he seemed and didn't even really look as he presented himself (the Walter White/Heisenberg look is on purpose -- just me having some fun) I've now made him a compelling character in the moment that I'm ejecting him from the strip...! Well -- maybe he'll be back someday, if I can find something interesting to do with him. But no more art lessons from him for li'l Sarah.

To answer one question from a reader -- how could Hank Sr. have tutored Rene, when Rene said he was trained in Italy? Well -- would you believe everything Rene told you? We only have his word as regards his background -- and I wouldn't trust an admitted forger to be telling me the truth about anything.

As for the gangsters who show up looking for Rene -- the fellow in white is (visually) based on the great cartoonist, Alex (FLASH GORDON) Raymond -- and the big bruiser in the pinstripes is inspired by the classic B-movie character actor Mike Mazurki.  We'll be seeing more of them in the strips that follow these.

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Lucas Cristovam said...

So he really is based on Raymond! I was wondering where have I saw that face, until I grabbed my X-9 book and realized he was much like Raymond.

And, as always, great job on both artwork and scripts. I have to say that Rex Morgan is my favorite current strip and that's because you're doing it -- and I'm a great fan of you.

Hank Gillette said...

Did you consider having someone catch Kelly while she was snooping? You’ve changed the tone of the strip so much, I thought she might actually be in danger.

Terry Beatty said...

No one was ever going to catch Kelly doing her Nancy Drew thing -- but I did want people to think someone might. A little suspense never hurts. And thanks for noticing that I've taken the strip in new directions.