Thursday, July 7, 2016

REX MORGAN 6-27-16 to 7-3-16

The museum gala continues. After focusing on the comics in the attic storyline for a while, we switch gears back to Sarah, Dolly and the museum. Holly was introduced as a museum employee in a Sunday page back in June of 2014. We spent an entire Sunday page establishing her -- and then she was never seen again. I thought she was too appealing a character to disappear forever, so I brought her back for this sequence, and have plans for future appearances. Here's one panel from that introductory Sunday page.

Holly spills the beans regarding some of Dolly Pierpont's secrets. There will be much more to this -- but you'll have to keep coming back to find out just where this is going. As always, you can follow the strip every day at the Comics Kingdom website -- and a (cheap!) subscription gets you access to a decade of archived strips, and your favorites -- new and classic -- emailed to you every day. Please consider signing up, will you? It's a great way to support the cartoonists whose work you follow.

The story over the next few months will shift back and forth from the comics plot line, back to Sarah and Dolly, then more with Milton, Heather and Jordan -- and yes, Rex doing his doctor thing.  I have plenty of story material planned out -- but can only do so much in each individual strip. So if you're wondering what happened to so-and-so, or why haven't we seen such-and-such lately -- well, stick around, folks, we'll get to it all.


Lucas Cristovam said...

You're doing an amazing job on Rex Morgan, and I'm really enjoying it. Keep it up! Oh, and this week -- our recent, from July 4th to 9th -- is amazing, with plenty of text and a beautiful artwork!

Terry Beatty said...

Thanks, Lucas.