Monday, August 1, 2016

REX MORGAN 7-25-16 to 7-31-16

Rene's out the window and a pair of gangster types confront Kelly and Sarah. The white suited fellow with the pencil mustache is based on FLASH GORDON artist, Alex Raymond -- while the craggy faced fellow is somewhat inspired by B-movie character actor Mike Mazurki. Wednesday has my favorite gag in the strip so far -- I had the leopard/stripes exchange in my head long before I actually wrote this sequence.

Note the art error -- Raymond's shirt and tie switch from black and white to white and black. Oops!

The Sunday page was my response to those who've been troubled by me not adhering 100% to past continuity. Well, folks -- the Rex and June of today's strips can't really be the Rex and June of two or more decades ago -- it just doesn't make sense. So while they remain essentially the same characters, they can't be precisely the same -- a couple with kids this young can't have nearly 70 years of back history. And I can't be expected to remain faithful to plot points from eras of the strip I have no access to -- so we're moving forward -- and here we go.

Plus it gave me an excuse to draw "classic" Rex -- if only this once.


Hank Gillette said...

Do you know if “classic” Rex Morgan was visually based on someone? I’ve heard that the three girls of Apt. 3-G were based on Tuesday Weld, Lucille Ball, and Joan Collins.

Classic Rex looks somewhat like Fred MacMurray, but not quite.

Terry Beatty said...

I've never heard that Rex was visually based on any specific person -- but he might have been -- I simply have no way of knowing that for certain.