Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paul Gustavson's UNCLE FUDDLY

From the pages of All Humor Comics #8, it's Paul Gustavson's Uncle Fuddly. Gustavson is better known for his work on such series as The Angel and Human Bomb. I wasn't familiar with Uncle Fuddly until recently, but he's joined Carl Hubbell's Sniffer (I must post a Sniffer story here sometime!) as one of my favorite oddball Golden Age humor characters. Some of the Fuddly stories are signed - this one isn't -- but it still looks like Gustavson to me. If anyone knows otherwise, please chime in.

That's Kelly Poole on the cover (drawn by?) -- he's often seen sharing couch space with a pretty (or not so pretty) girl. If you'd like to see more of Kelly and Uncle Fuddly, not to mention Hickory and Giddy Goose (!), check out the All Humor selection at the Fury Comics website.