Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dick Tracy: The World is Your Beat

Some years ago, I acquired a big stack of Peoria Journal Star Sunday comic sections from the mid 1960's.  There are plans under foot to do something nifty with them to promote the publication of Big Funny (see previous post for info on that project).  I'll be posting details on that as we work things out -- but in the meantime, I've scanned some highlights and will be posting them here as we await the August 7th opening of the Big Funny gallery show.

Here is a special Dick Tracy strip done to promote careers in the newspaper business.  The art here is largely the work of long-time Tracy assistant Rick Fletcher rather than that of strip creator Chet Gould.  It was fairly common for Chet to have Rick do any promotional or advertising art assignments that came along, while he focused on producing the actual comic strip.

Stay tuned for more vintage comics!  

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Booksteve said...

I read the strip before I read your commentary on it and I impressed myself that I actually recognized that as Fletcher rather than Gould. He had a way of drawing Tracy's face with a combination of thick and thin lines that I grew to know during the Collins/Fletcher years.