Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Big Funny big giveaway!

OK -- here's the news.  The first 70 (or so) folks who purchase a copy of Big Funny at the Altered Esthetics gallery show opening, will also get ABSOLUTELY FREE a 1960's vintage Peoria Journal Star Sunday comics section!  Pics below show some of the strips that were running in the Star at the time -- Prince Valiant, Li'l Abner, Nancy, Blondie, Juliet Jones, Steve Roper and sometimes even Pogo! The giveaway only lasts as long as the comic sections last -- and is only available in person at the gallery.  The show opens Aug 7th.  Be there!

Oh -- and if you're one of the artists with a strip in Big Funny, you get one too!  

More vintage strips scanned from these sections to come.... 

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Daniel Olson said...

This is super cool and very generous Terry. Thanks! The show should be a great one!