Friday, October 10, 2008

Tura Satana gallery show

Above is Mitch O'Connell's poster for the upcoming Tura Satana-themed art show at the Tattoo Factory Gallery in Chicago.  If you don't know who Tura is, where have you been hiding?  My relief sculpt triptych, "Tura: Black and White and Red All Over" will be part of the show. A long shot of the triptych is seen below, followed by close-ups of the individual panels.  Each panel is about a foot square. These are cast in resin, from a polymer clay sculpt mounted in a vintage frame.  I won't be at the show, darn it all -- but Tura will.  If you're anywhere near Chicago on the 30th, please stop by and see what promises to be an extraordinary collection of pieces from a remarkable line-up of artists.

I will get to meet Tura, however, as she will be a guest at the upcoming Kitbuilders' Monstrous Weekend Oct. 24-26 in St. Louis -- and I'll have a table there, showing my sculpts and comic art.  

And yes, it does look just a little bit like Ms. Tree, doesn't it...?

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Peter Holland said...

I have to say I am totally envious of you being in this 'comic art' arena. I grew up on reading comics and so wish I could work in this area. However, my sculpts went in a different direction altogether. Not that I'm complaining though.