Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Max Allan Collins and Mickey Spillane

My old pal, and sometimes collaborator, Max Allan Collins, was in the Twin Cities recently, promoting several of his latest projects.  Shown above are the covers for The Goliath Bone and The First Quarry.  

Fans of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer novels should be thrilled with The Goliath Bone.  When Mickey passed away, he left several novels in various stages of completion -- and left them to Collins to finish.  This is the second posthumous Spillane novel to see publication (the first was Dead Street from Hard Case Crime) -- but the first of the new Mike Hammer books. The Goliath Bone is not a retro flashback to the Mike Hammer of the '50s -- but a modern post 9/11 novel of a close-to-retirement Mike -- and Velda.  Max did a wonderful job on this book, using Mickey's extensive notes -- and which portions are Max and which are Mickey I'd be hard pressed to tell. It's a terrific read -- and a great gift to his fans from the late great Mickey Spillane.

The First Quarry IS a retro-flashback -- not to the '50s, but to the early 70's.  Quarry is a hitman, not a hero -- and Collins' tough crime novels about him have been favorites of mine for years.  In this new release from Hard Case Crime, Max flips the switch on the Way-Back Machine and gives us the never before told tale of Quarry's first hit.  Whether you're a long-time Quarry reader -- or this is your first encounter with him -- this'll have you on the edge of your seat. 

And keep your eyes open for festival screenings of  The Last Lullaby, a film based on the Quarry books, staring Tom Sizemore (yes, that Tom Sizemore) and co-written by Max.  Check the official website for more info.

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