Thursday, June 23, 2016

REX MORGAN 6-13-16 to 6-19-16

Here's another week of REX MORGAN. Time to get on with the museum gala. Monday establishes that Rex is back to work after taking some time off to be home with newborn Michael. Some readers are itching for me to get back to medical themed stories -- and that is part of the plan -- but there are a lot of dangling plot threads that need to be tied up, so first things first. Still,  even if we are not following him to the hospital and clinic -- he's going there every work day. And I'd say a few days have passed between the 6-12 Sunday strip and the 6-13 Monday.

For those wondering what's happened to my PHANTOM posts -- I will catch up on those eventually. I have been very busy getting REX on track schedule-wise (we had been working far too close to deadline) -- working 7 day weeks for some time, so something had to give -- and that was largely this blog. One of these days I'll sort through the gazillion photos in my files and post on any number of subjects that should have been posted here -- but for now, it's weekly REX and eventually catching up on THE PHANTOM.

Next week, even though we're at the gala, we'll get back to the comics in the attic story. And remember you can read this day by day at the COMICS KINGDOM website.

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