Wednesday, May 25, 2016

REX MORGAN 5-16-15 to 5-22-16 -- SKUNKED!

Week three of the new REX. Once again, Ronn Sutton is helping out with the pencils on the daily strips. Sarah and Abby encounter the stinky side of nature -- and June makes her opinion known. The skunking of Sarah was done to signal that bad things CAN happen to the kid, as she's lead a charmed life up until now -- and I'd like to shake things up a bit -- or at least have that option.

The anti-stink treatment mentioned here is incomplete -- and anyone contemplating using it should do a good deal more research into it, as the full method isn't exactly explained here. Don't try this at home, and all that.

Some readers complained about the two day sequence of Sarah and Abby playing ball -- but I felt I needed the extra "beat." I wanted to show her playing like a regular kid for once -- and one daily strip wasn't enough. So there.

I did consider having Rex and June pull out the kiddie pool from the garage to clean up kid and dog outside-- but even not showing it, I figured I'd be pilloried for even suggesting little Sarah was starkers outside! So inside and the bathtub it was.

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