Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday, Snowy Sunday with the Phantom and Rex Morgan

I'm getting ready for the last day of Planet Comicon and am not thrilled with the weather. We had two lovely days prior to this -- and now it's cold and snowy again. Of course, the show is inside, and it'll be perfectly fine in the convention center -- but with the demands of parking for a show such as this, it'll be a long cold walk, from whatever parking garage I choose, to the loading dock where the guests/exhibitors roll into the show. With William Shatner joining the Star Trek guests at the show today, I expect attendance will be just crazy. I doubt that'll translate into business for us comic book/strip folks -- but it will mean a tougher fight for available parking on this blustery cold day! 

Anyhow -- I'm looking forward to my panel today, with fellow comics pros Scott Snyder, Rick Burchett and Paul Kupperberg -- and otherwise hanging around my table (#1527) meeting fans and fellow pros.

So -- all that aside -- here are today's Sunday strips -- with a whole bunch of preliminary extras for The Phantom.

Rough pencils.

Tighter pencils

 Finished inks

 Published final version of strip

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