Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday overload!

I've had multiple requests to continue posting the Sunday pages for my comic strips here. You can always read them at the Comics Kingdom site -- and I encourage you to do so -- and leave a positive message in the comments section, please -- but I'll cave and post them here, since so many have asked. Here's a "catch up" post with both Phantom and Rex Morgan strips.

Here's a bonus -- my "blue pencil" version of the 1-19 Sunday before inking.

Here are the last three Rex Morgan Sundays. Becka's hair do is frustratingly inconsistent from strip to strip. Drawn out of my head on 1-19 -- and then referenced from previous strips on 1-26 -- leaning quite hard on Graham Nolan's version. Later on I've settled on something sort of in-between. Sigh... more results of tight deadlines and not nearly enough time (I was also fighting deadline on a Tarzan comic book story at the time -- and being sick, too -- typical freelancer fun!) 

 She seems to have been wearing that same top (or a similar design) for a dozen years now.  I'm torn between shaking it up and giving her a different outfit now and then -- or just buying into the fact that it's a comic strip, and this is her "costume," much like Orphan Annie's red dress....

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