Tuesday, October 23, 2012



I'm currently working long hours to make a rather tight deadline on the MARS ATTACKS POPEYE comic book for IDW.  It'd help if I could skip drawing THE PHANTOM this week.  I'm okay with that, as I'm ahead of schedule on the strip -- but it'll throw my household budget a bit out of whack if I do.  So -- to make up for the lost income, let's see if I can sell a little original artwork, shall we? 

For a limited time, I'm offering these cover paintings for SCARY MONSTERS magazine at lower prices than posted on my website.  I do these covers digitally now -- so these are all from the earlier period when I was working with acrylic on illustration board, and represent almost all that I have left.  In the nearly 19 years that I've been creating these covers, most have found their way into collectors' hands, and I have very few in my files. All acrylic on 15x20 illustration board, unless noted. All discounted $50.00 from my website prices! Details posted below each pic.

Bert I. Gordon tribute.  Back cover images are a paper collage with some overpainting.  Sam Scare head in upper right is a paste-up. $150.00

DARK SHADOWS: Sam Scare face is a paste-up. Photo has glare on the right side, background blue is not actually lighter on the right: $200.00

DEATH RACE 2000, etc. Pic does not show pasted-up Sam Scare head added later -- upper right by ITs horn and Caradine's hood.  Hey -- it's Dick Miller! $200.00

PIEDRAS BLANCAS, etc.: This also has a small Sam face added to the right of the Gila monster, not shown here. Lettering is all done by hand on the board! And a couple of sexy babes among the creepy crawlies! $250.00

LUGOSI and KARLOFF: Sam face is paste-up. $225.00

KONG VS. T-REX: Colored inks on illus. board. No Sam face! $250.00

 KONG! $350.00

MONSTER SQUAD: Game box and Barnabas portrait are paste-ups. $300.00

Add $15.00 to cover shipping/packaging costs.  Additional discounts available for multiple purchases.  Email me at terrybeatty@mac.com (or message me on Facebook if you're one of my fb friends) to reserve.

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